Peppermile Publishing is committed to creating:

  • Pay-what-you-want games with Creative Commons licenses
  • Interesting hacks of other Creative Commons games
  • Fictional stories and worlds to support gaming


  • Inept Sorcerers — Published
    Magic-users struggle through sorcerous shenanigans, with moments of wonder along the way.
  • A Long Time Ago — Playtest Ready
    A tiny Star Wars-ish game that resolves tasks not by pass-fail, but by light and dark.
  • Grand Adventure — Early Playtest Done, Second Revision Underway
    Adventurers work together to discover amazing new things, solve challenges, and explore a fantastic world.
  • The Compleat Villain — Under Development
    A supplement for playing or running villain characters in super-powered roleplaying games

All these games are licensed under the  CC-BY license.


Grand Adventure's default setting is called Talispire. A story set in that world will be published soon.

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