Past the stone walls that divide your village from the fairy forest, there's a glow coming from that old cave…

In the attic of your family's cottage, there is a rusty sword that begins to sing one night…

This morning your mother woke you up, and you find yourself meeting the strange girl with a mysterious pendant…

Every map has blanks. Every story has gaps. Every old ruin has secrets. And every person has a dream: to experience those mysteries. To chart a course into the unknown. To explore. To adventure.

Grand Adventure is a roleplaying game, telling stories about how adventurers work together to discover amazing new things, solve challenges, and explore a fantastic world.

Download the game

You can download the early-access PDF here: GrandAdventure.pdf

The PDF was created with Adobe InDesign CC. You can download the original file here: GrandAdventure.indd

New Discoveries

  • The Magician's Tower
    On a quest to find or learn something, the PCs reach a strange stone tower and must interact with its magical inhabitants.
  • The Rasende Hammer
    A powerful bloodline relic has been sealed away in a frozen valley. The PCs must deal with it somehow.


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